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The one and only Villa One in O&O Desaru.

For the very first time since I joined H Gallery in year 2019, the most luxurious yet simple wedding day event that I ever covered in my photography career (not to mentioned the one in Phuket with Z HAN, I was just an assistant photographer for him).

Stanley & Amaris's wedding was a wedding to look forward to, especially it was my first time to shoot a wedding at the One & Only Resort in Desaru .

It was an hour drive from our studio in JB, once we arrived at the resort, we went straight to the Villa One to see what it looks like and the place was gorgeous, big private pools , great interior. Z Han was my assistant photographer this time , so I let him to handle the rings shot. Me and our videographer ZhiHong went into bride's room and saw that Eunice had already started putting on Amaris's make up. Her Taiwanese mum was also in the room chit chatting with her daughter, so I greet her with my Korean like smile before I start shooting.

It was a great weather, first march in was beautiful under the sunset, but the clouds started to darken afterwards. As the banquet went on , we felt a few rain drops on our skin, all guest had no choice but to move indoor for the banquet. Lucky enough , it was just a drizzle and it wasn't a pouring rain, so I went up to Stanley & Amaris to ask them go back down the outdoor venue to shoot some dancing scene under the fairy lights, and the result was stunning. I would like to say a huge thank you to Stanley & Amaris, for the trust on me and also the entire H team. Cheers,

Shi Hong

Photographer: Shi Hong

Assistant Photographer : Z HAN Video: Zhi Hong , Lei

MUA: Eunice Hee


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